Hello friends and those who have followed this blog since I got it up and running a few years back. I appreciate all the love and support I have received on tumblr of my work, but it’s come time for me to move all my work to an official website! I’ve put a great deal of effort into it so I’d love if you could take the time to look at a piece or two.

This blog will still be used as a place for reblogging others’ work I find interesting, as well as in progress shots and a place for discussion and outside advice.

Thanks so much!



theblondephenomenon asked:

i have already spent a few hours looking at your blog. i love all of your artwork, all of the pieces are so cool, keep posting your amazing art:)


Oh that is so sweet! Thank you so much!

Artists, gallery owners, art enthusiasts, people who like to drink wine, and cool people alike! The time has come to see all the wonderful work done by Langara’s Fine Arts graduating class of 2014! Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, design and digital work will all be included. On from April 23rd-30th in the main foyer of A building, you’ll be able to walk about and experience it in person. 

Opening reception is April 23rd at 7:00pm. Come schmooze with us and meet the lovely geniuses (including, but not limited to, art-andthings, mania-della-notte, unstableflame, drippingwetalchemy, kaylaanne16, and meteorsobs) behind the works!


art is the most self-indulgent practice there is, yet it is the most selfless at the same time. it is a complete submission to allowing oneself to analyze one’s emotions over and over again and it is completely acceptable because everyone around them benefits from it, whether the artist intends for people to understand and/or enjoy the work or not. 

Repeat, repeat

Mixed media dyptich

"Things I’ve Been Told"

My newest installation. Come experience it this week at Langara in A049.

Candlesticks, approx. 10’x4’

If you look at the right angle, you see that this is actually two candlesticks put together in a symmetrical, horizontal orientation. The candlesticks this drawing is derived from are my mothers, which were passed down to her from my great grandmother’s great grandmother. They are used on Friday nights to bring in Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. This drawing is about both questioning and understanding family values, and material exploration.


Something is coming. #text